About KryoAid

KryoAid is part of the Eternal City Industries (ECI) family. ECI creates all natural products that incorporate the most cutting edge science with nature's most powerful, healing and reparative ingredients. By combining nature and science we have been able to create the most effective products on the market. KryoAid is no different. While KryoAid is all natural, it took over 12 years of research and development to bring this amazingly effective product to life. 

ECI never tests on animals and never uses and unnatural chemicals. Most "pain relieving" creams and gels on the market use chemicals and compounds that are harmful to human health. At KryoAid we didn't see the logic in creating something to help your body while at the same time damaging it in other ways. We add no coloring agents of any kind. The color that comes out is the natural color of the ingredients added. 

ECI is a proud USA company. We develop and manufacture all our products in the USA under the strictest quality standards. We only hire employees who are passionate about what we do. 

All the ingredients we use in our products come from only the best sources that are certified organic and fair trade. All essential oils used in our products are pharmaceutical grade so you can rest assured you are getting the best of the best. 

Many companies will very lightly incorporate beneficial ingredients, like essential oils, into their formulas. We take a very different approach and make these ingredients the key focus in everything we do. All our products are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. 

We know that there are many "pain relieving" creams on the market, most of which do nothing but freeze or burn your skin. KryoAid actually works! We know you are probably skeptical, and that is okay, we love skeptical people because they are the ones that become our best customers! Try it for yourself, feel the difference!

After using KryoAid a thin white film may appear on your skin where it was applied. This is normal and actually signals that the product has been absorbed and is working its magic. You may either wipe it off or let it stay.